Some of our non-profit volunteer projects:


Natural Therapy  - Community Healthcare. 

We provide healthcare to various persons (and occasionally animals) in need, who struggle with all sorts of conditions ranging from the most commonplace to the most bizzarre. 
HealthCare Collective Portland-Or.

We do this for free. We ask of people who appreciate our work or who have benefitted from it, and only if they have adequate income, to give what they can. 

Any funds donated by our supporters and our benefactors, to whom we are very grateful - or whatever is raised through fundraising projects such as this internet service - are used toward whatever expenses are required for us to function. No frills. They go for our own immediate needs (food, shelter, clothing - we live very modestly, recycle and re-use everything except acupuncture needles); also toward healthcare supplies, and for access to facilities (workspace, phones, etc.). Anything left over goes to the immediate needs of others, and to our other non-profit volunteer projects. 

Your donations help us to save lives, improve the health of people and other living beings, and improve the life- conditions of individuals who have very little. 
"What kind of methods do you use?"

"But how go you get paid?"


IndyMedia Cyprus 

We participate in - and support in every way possible - the Cyprus IndyMedia project, which is a part of a global campaign for Free- Speech and for Community Access to the Media, generally known by the name IndyMedia (Independent Media). 

Cyprus IndyMedia provides online Open Publication tools enabling anyone to publish anything. We provide these tools for free, for everyone in our communities, and they are open, unsencored, and easy to use. 

Open Publishing is very valuable for those who have no other access to publish their views or news, and is also extremely crucial in providing anonymous protection for individuals who need to publish information without being identified as the sources. Especially in the authoritarian conditions of today's social reality. 

The expenses involved are for the maintenance and upkeep of the server (maintained by the BandwidthCoop ), for bandwidth, and the worst, for isp access via the phone company, which is the highest of them all. 


PeaceWork / Citizen- to- Citizen diplomacy / KaliMerhaba BiCommunal Re-Approachment group 

We are involved in a many- years long effort to prevent war in our Eastern Mediterranean region of the world, by helping build direct bonds between our communities, by-passing the structures of Governments, Corporations, and authoritarian political parties, building direct bridges between our people which can endure the differences in language, religion, culture, and history - these are often exploited by our societies' leaders to fuel wars and conflict. Our prime communication and dialogue tool in this is the KaliMerhaba BiCommunal group, whose open Message Archives are here

For many years this work was directly blocked by military force which employed mine-fields, barbed wire, and machine-gun posts for this purpose, and it forced us to be finding creative ways around them. Recently, in this year, our own efforts and those of many hundreds of other activists involved in these campaigns are giving fruit:  more contact accross the military lines is possible with less risks, making this kind of PeaceWork more accessible to our communities. 

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The Spiritual Politics guiding this work, are explored in the 
"Short Statement":


Refugee Support / Universal Life Church Humanitarian Aid Campaignfor the Shatilla settlement and the Najdeh refugee service association. 

The best on most current update on the project: 
Shatila - Playgrounds in the Rubble

This work needs your help in every way  possible. Please contact us at:


All is One / Spiritual Congregation, Ministry, Mission, Universal Life Church

We minister and volunteer in several sections of the Universal Life Church (ulc). Two of our Congregations are online, operating through the free services found at yahoo until we can find better options. Here: 

Universal Life Church
All is One - Universal Life Church

We have expanded our online presence and internet services recently, partly in order to help re-strengthen the online role of the Mother Church Headquarters in Modesto, California. This project is a simple way for Ministers, friends, and members of our community to give back a little something to this spiritually gigantic, but financially very poor organization, which has benefitted our own lives and the lives of so many others. 

This particular effort aims at promoting the Modesto Headquarters to a position of relative prominence again, after a displacement that its online entities suffered since the mid- to- late nineties, in the period coinciding with the passing away of Rev. Kirby Hensley

The concurrent exponential expansion of the Internet found the Modesto Headquearters unprepared at a crucial time, and it fell victim to some unscrupulous ulc associates who tricked the Headquarters into becoming "obscured" by the online operations of sleezy money- worshippers disguised as ulc branches, congregations, monasteries. 

If you carry out a Search on any Search engine for "ulc" or "Universal Life Church"  you'll be very lucky to find the Headquarters in the second page of the results. We're talking about the Church which gave birth to it all - most usually it comes listed in the third or fourth page! The very first websites listed by the Search Engines, are involved in operations which have intentionally pushed aside the Modesto Headquarters, even though it would have been so easy for these ulc sites to link the visitor directly and in a prominent way back to the Mother Church. But their business is essentially that, ie commercial business, not spiritual work, and that is the reason for the mis-behaviour. 

We are involved in a series of technical, promotional, and organizational steps which aim to change this. If you would like to be involved in this effort, please contact us. There's a concrete and specific way for each one of us, through which we can all help out. 

Some ulc realities

Re: Some ulc realities

Letter from Modesto:

Some mysteries solved, at least ackowledged :


Direct ways to connect with the Mother Church:

Link to the Headquarters in Modesto

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